All about Dell Latitude D420

A ultra portable notebook that is designed to succeed its predecessors. This D420 adopts X1’s wide-aspect screen with ultra-low voltage processor. It has a full sized keyboard while maintaining the D410’s aesthetic appeal. It does continue with the same Dell’s trend of no internal optical drive. But do possess an external option for it. The weight of D420 is around 2.5 lbs. with its feather- light physique has a s ultra low voltage Core Solo 1.06GHz or Core Duo 1.2GHz CPU. Like its predecessor Latitude X1 and D420 do use the same 1.8” drive. This D420 comes with the 1.5GB RAM and 6 Cell primary with easy charge battery.

The Dell Latitude D420 do have the specification as followed: it has an ultra-low voltage Intel Core Solo U1300 that is clocked considerably slower at 1.06GHz, with 12.1” XGA TFT LCD 1280 x 800 (Matte) screen, the graphics specification of this notebook included Intel GMA 950 Integrates up to 224MB shared, D420 has Memory of 1.5GB with DDR2-533 SDRAM, 512MB Integrated. The Hard Drive capacity of D420 was 60GB 4200RPM, with 1.8” Hard Drive, it supported a Wireless technology of Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG, it comprise of the Optical drive of D-Bay 24X CD-RW/DVD Combo, it supported the operating System such as Microsoft Windows XP Professional. The D420 had the Input devices as Full sized keyboard with touchpad and pointing stick. D420 possess a battery with 6-Cell Primary and 65W AC Adapter, D420 had the dimensions such as 11.63”8.27”x1.00”.

When you are with ceiling budget of around $1200, then your best choice would be to choose Dell Latitude D420. Though there are a number of other notebooks available in today’s competitive world of notebooks, D420 seem to provide the most competitive pricing along with the most comprehensive warranty services.

Dell Latitude D420 Photo

You can purchase the D420 notebook directly through online or from any outlet shops. If any clarification on the product, it could be cleared out with Dell telephone assistance.D420 has a sturdy build quality. Comparing with its previous notebooks D420 feels far more robust, firm, and concrete. It comes with a magnesium-alloy casing that provides flexible protection while keep away from unnecessary squeaking and the steel screen hinges provide stiff movement. In addition, the lid appears well non-breakable, with stress on the back of the lid, and not causing the LCD screen to become unclear on the other side. As a final point, Dell’s implementation of its Strike Zone technology in the D420 is worth mentioning, since it provides added protection to the hard drive in case of an accidental drop or fall. The only possible improvement on D420 is to replace the steel lid-latch with the magnetic variety, although this is inconsistent at best.

Similar to its predecessors D620 and D820, the D420, makes use of a dark-charcoal grey color scheme with silver twang and lid. The upshot of this is an unfussy and built-up look that draws interest without unnecessary glitz or blaze. Thus it could be said that, Dell has achieve something by creating a design for D420 and thus giving Dell Latitude D420 a well-built characteristics of its own. Most do agree that D420 has been a real winner. On the other hand, for those who are significant about the battery life and weight on over performance, then D420 would be acceptable, this is because ULV processors exhaust only less power and produce fewer heat, at the same time reducing the need for bulkier cooling problem.