Dell Adamo Laptops

In today’s world your selection of laptops, notebooks and PC is almost endless. This is a good thing, while it may seem a bit overwhelming at times; having such a huge selection allows you to have the laptop or computer that meets your exact needs. Let’s take a look at the Dell Adamo. We will show you the specifications of this machine; let you know about the operating system, user friendliness, how this machine performs, its capabilities and power and its build and design. In this way, you will know if the Dell Adamo is just the perfect choice for your needs and expectations.

Dell Adamo Onyx Laptop

To find out if the Dell Adamo is the laptop that fits your exact needs, let’s first take a look at the specifications of this laptop. The platform is an Intel Centrino 2 with an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.2 GHz processor. The standard installed RAM is 2GB. With this laptop your hard drive will be 128 GB, your graphics processor will be Intel’s GS45 integrated graphics that has 256 MB of memory and the memory for your video will be 256 MB. You will have high definition audio 2.0 with the Dell Adamo and WiFi. This notebook is already loaded up with MS Vista Home Premium and this all runs on a Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery.

Dell Adamo Pearl Notebook

The design of the Dell Adamo is very thin and sleek for those who want to a very comfortable and portable laptop. This type of laptop may be perfect for those who are looking for a sophisticated machine while still keeping an eye on their budget. All insignias are etched into this laptop which helps to give is such a sleek appearance. It is only .65 of an inch thick which really makes the Dell Adamo super thin. It weighs just a bit less than four pounds.

The Dell Adamo comes is your choice of colors, either a pearl color which is essential white or a solid black. In keeping with the sleek design, the keyboard has a small, but useful backlight and on a few LED lights are on the tray. It may sound basic but is rather quite trendy looking while providing you with the performance that you need.

Dell Adamo Pearl Laptop

The display is a bit larger than thirteen inches, 13.4 to be precise and is an LED display which has 1366 by 768 resolutions. Just about all of the ports are on the back side of this laptop, except for the headphone jack and SIM card slot. You will have two USB ports, an Ethernet jack, a displayport video output and a USB/eSATA port. You can choose to upgrade to 4GB of RAM and this often works best with the loaded Windows Vista.

For those who like to multitask, the Dell Adamo is perfect as the processor gives you a lot of power. You can easily surf the web, while working on spreadsheets and having media on at the same time. In today’s world it is so common and most of the time very necessary to multitask, and the Dell Adamo is designed to handle this with ease. When you purchase the Dell Adamo directly from Dell, you will have a one year warranty and a toll free number to call for any needed help. If you wish, you may upgrade to a three year phone support plan for a reasonable fee.