DELL Studio 15 Key Features & Benefits

It is likely that most of laptop users would like to have a device which can keep them connected without powering up the system, give the better experience with movies and games, stop anyone from inserting into their system, let them talk to their your best people around the world and even see them.

Dell Studio 15 Laptop

Dell Studio 15 Laptop

Moreover one would like to have such minute but pleasant features like rich colour range, listing the icons at the bottom at the screen etc. The richness of the functions of this kind is offered by the new Dell Studio 15 Laptop. The first function concerning a fast access to the Internet while having a cell phone service, finding any wireless network and connecting to any wireless option is given by Mobile Broadband, Exclusive Wi-Fi Catcher and Bluetooth.

The second one giving the users a sense of being inside a game or a movie is heartily presented by the Blu-Ray Disc, having six times resolution of a conventional DVD setup. The third feature works thanks the fingerprint security. Moving a fingerprint across the fingerprint reader will gain access to the computer’s data. The fourth has to be reached through Dell’s Video Chat, enabling everyone to make PC-to-PC calls with so many as four talkers at one time.

Artistic design of different versions will satisfy any of the respective taste. A slim Dell Dock will not let the icons be scattered across the desktop. Adding to here the battery long life, High Capacity batteries, one can see DELL Studio’s versatility, the machine’s options range which meets all needful things.