First Nvidia’s Netbook Solution

Each netbook owner would love to have a device which is potential to make more operations than all netbooks usually do. The combination of different possibilities is that what they need nowadays. To surf the internet, to play big crazy games, to watch long-lasted videos and to do more things, it is the requirement.

Mobinnova Elan Netbook

Mobinnova Elan Netbook

The analysts of the market expect one new netbook, enabling the users to do all the above-mentioned, to conquer the market first, or perhaps one of the first. Such forecast concerns Nvidia‘s device called Ion. It is likely to be launched in the first quarter of the coming year.

The company’s specialists do believe Ion will have graphics and video performance a few times better that a device based on just Atom processor. The innovated unit is going to combine both Intel’s Atom processor GPU of Nvidia’s GeForce 9400M.

Nvidia is making a real evolutionary step to netbook industry development. It is worth noting just battery work of the newcomer. Will it be longer? No, but at the same time less heat will be generated by an Ion-platform device. It is naturally that the new machine will be a little bit more expensive that common Atom-based unit, but it will not come at a cost.

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