Laptop Battery Chargers

Anyone with a laptop is certainly familiar with the batteries and the laptop battery chargers. However, the average laptop user can often become a bit frustrated with the life span of their battery. This can often be resolved by learning some quick tips for keeping batteries and laptop battery chargers in good shape. After all, that laptop is not going to be very useful to you if you are limited by the plug. Therefore, to be on the move and portable, let’s take a close look at the guidelines for chargers and batteries so that you can get the most of your laptop experience.

Laptop Battery Charger

Many laptop users are surprised when their battery does not last long, when they have been recharging it faithfully. One of the very common misperceptions is that the more you charge the better. At first, this may make sense, as a person often thinks that charging the battery is putting life back into it, so why not the more the better?

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Some tips that will help is to only use your laptop battery chargers when needed. Your battery will last longer if you allow it to discharge from use and then use the charger once it is very low and truly in need of a charge. Using the charger too often takes away the battery’s memory, and then next time that you charge it, it will not last as long as the time before. Therefore, when at all possible, wait until it is just about empty and then plug it into your charger.

If you have a NiCad or NiMH battery, there is a way to purge them. About every two month, you can leave the laptop turned on, without using the AC adapter. Be sure to have your screen blanking and sleep disabled. When the display disappears and the battery is fully discharged, you can then plug the computer in, but powered off, for about 24 hours. This will purge the battery.

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While a battery will not last forever, laptop battery chargers can last forever, if you take care of them. Be sure to store your charger in an area where there is not a chance of it becoming wet. You will want to keep it away from open windows in case of unexpected rain, not keep it near a sink and so forth. One common mistake that users make is to tightly wrap the cord around the charger when not using it. While it is a good idea to keep things neat and tidy, be careful that you do not wrap it overly tight. This can cause damage to the cord itself, that you will not be able to see, but will be under the protective covering. And finally, while this goes without saying, accidently dropping your laptop battery charger is never a good idea. While it seems that it would not happen too often, it is surprising how many laptop owners, who are also puppy owners, find that the cord of their charger was chewed when their eyes were not on the puppy. For all electronics, including laptop battery chargers, do keep cords out of reach of pets and from small children who may see it as a toy. Not storing it on a high shelf can help avoid this common mishap. Finally, you will want to occasionally clean the connections on your charger with a soft, lint free cloth to keep any dust from accumulating.