RBRC – Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation

Does this combination of letters mean anything to you: “RBRC”? Was your answer “no”? Well the two word phrase “cell phone” used to hold little meaning for the user of a public phone. Now it should be made clear that RBRC stands for Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation. That Corporation makes a point of collecting rechargeable batteries, the sort of batteries that are used to power cell phones. That Corporation has developed some exciting educational materials. That Corporation wants every child, teen and adult to understand the harmful consequences that can result from a failure to insure the recycling of a rechargeable battery.



Suppose that you are a teacher at an elementary school. Suppose that you want to present a lesson about the noteworthy efforts of the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation. Can you imagine the sort of questions that your students might raise?

  • Why do we need to learn about this Corporation?
  • Where does this Corporation store all of the collected batteries?
  • How does this Corporation manage to recycle any of the rechargeable batteries?

Well, now it so happens that executives at the Battery Recycling Corporation have anticipated such questions. They therefore paid for production of an activity booklet, a booklet that instructors can use, when teaching young children about the importance of recycling rechargeable batteries.

Now, this booklet produces bits of information that can apply to a wide range of disciplines. It contains an historical timeline; it exposes the students to several simple charts; and it introduces students to simple chemistry and the most basic physical principles. It taps into the thought pattern of present day youth, youth who handle batteries and/or cell phones on a daily basis.

The Battery Recycling Corporation is all too aware of the pleasure that young people derive from the availability of wireless products and cordless communication tools. Young people know how to recharge their batteries. They also realize that even a rechargeable battery will die eventually. The Recycling Corporation wants young people to see that their dead batteries get taken to a recycling facility.

The Recycling Corporation aims to keep as many batteries as possible out of any solid waste dump. The Corporation does not want the heavy metals in those batteries to leak into the soil of a single, municipal facility. The Corporation must have hired an excellent PR person. The collectors of rechargeable batteries have come up with the perfect phrase to use, when presenting their message to modern day young people. The Corporation includes these words in much of its literature: “It’s free. It’s convenient. It’s responsible.”

The Battery Recycling Corporation works closely with 350 different battery manufactures. The Corporation collects and recycles five different types of batteries. The Corporation provides the users of wireless technology with up to 50,000 centers, centers where people can turn in any dead, rechargeable batteries.

Today, a three year old child living in one of the developed countries sees the cell phone as a commonplace addition to the various gadgets in his or her world. The Recycling Corporation wants that same child to view the transport of dead batteries from the home to a recycling center as an everyday occurrence.

The Battery Recycling Center hopes that parents and teachers will speed progress toward its goal—creation of the view that no dead rechargeable battery should ever be carried to a municipal waste dump.

RBRC official site: call2recycle.org