Toshiba Laptop Parts – How to Replace Your Video Card

Toshiba laptops are generally very reliable, but are designed for business applications rather than games. In fact, many Toshiba laptops can only run games on the lowest settings. If you decide that you want to get a new video card, you should be able to find several options online. In fact, there are several different sites that sell Toshiba laptop parts. After purchasing your new video card, you can choose to have a technician take care of the replacement or you can change the video card yourself. Replacing your card will require you to take your computer apart, so make sure that you will not void your warranty before you begin.

Toshiba Laptop Motherboard

The video card in a Toshiba laptop is found below several other Toshiba laptop parts, so you will need to remove the case and almost completely disassemble your computer. Make sure to ground yourself before you start so that you do not damage your computer. To start, shut your laptop down and then turn the unit over. Press the battery release button and then remove the battery. Next, you will need to use a screwdriver to remove the screws that cover your memory module and hard drive. After removing the covers, carefully remove both your hard drive and RAM module. You will also need to remove the modem before you can proceed.

At this point, you will need to flip the laptop over and open up the lid. Remove the strip that covers the keyboard, and then remove the screws holding the keyboard in place. Disconnect the motherboard cable and then take out the keyboard. Make sure that you keep track of your Toshiba laptop parts! You should be looking at the DVD drive.

Toshiba Notebook Video Card

Remove the screws that hold the drive in place, and then slide it out. Disconnect the motherboard cables that are found below the DVD drive. There should be a plastic cover around the spot formerly occupied by the DVD drive. Lift the cover until you can see the motherboard.

Toshiba Laptop Video Card

You are almost done at this point. The video card is located at the top left corner of the motherboard. Unscrew the video card and pull it out. Replace the old card with your new and improved video card. Next, reconnect the motherboard cables, replace the plastic cover, and put the DVD drive back in place. From here on, simply replace each of the Toshiba laptop parts you removed earlier. Boot up your computer, install the relevant drivers, and you are all set!