VIA Targets Laptops With Trinity Platform

VIA Technologies, Inc. from Taipei, Taiwan is known as a supplier of power efficient x86 processor platforms which are driving system innovation in the markets of PC, client and ultra mobile. As well as for a global network, created by the company, linking the high tech centers in many parts of the world.

VIA Trinity Platform Diagram

VIA Trinity Platform Diagram

Via Technologies have announced Trinity Platform for laptops and netbooks. That platform has only three electronic chips, instead of conventional four ones, that allowed to decrease the size of the motherboard to Mini-ITX 2.0 standard.

The platform consists of three components, they are: 64-bit x86 Via Nano processor, a chip set with built-in Via VX800 media processor and S3 Graphics Chrome. As the produces assures the platform is aimed to work with subnotebooks and the high efficiency while working with graphics and video is guaranteed. The same concerns opening the impregnated multimedia web pages.

VIA offers a wide range of power efficient processors that are driving system innovation in the PC, client, ultra mobile and embedded markets. Providing industry leading performance per watt, miniaturization, low power consumption and compatibility with a complete range of feature rich VIA digital media chipsets, VIA processors are powering the new generation of desktop, mobile and embedded devices…

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